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1pc Dental IPR Orthodontics Strips

1pc Dental IPR Orthodontics Strips

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Item Description

1pc Dental IPR Orthodontics Strips


Orthodontics Strips

Hole Type

Double Sides

90μm (0.40mm)

Automatic Strips

A dental abrasive particles coated strip, is used to modify the surface of the tooth or restoration.


Product Features

Safe and comfortable treatment

accurate interproximal stripping

To apply the 4 punching  on the Flame for fixing the blade strongly

Durable and High Abrasion Resistance blade

Easy to recognize the size, laser marked on the flame

used with a Strip-handpiece


Applications for interproximal reduction

a) Proclined incisors

b) Overjet correction

c) Resolving tooth crowding

d)Tooth-size discrepancies

e) Orthodontic treatment

f) clear aligner treatment


Double Sided

90 micron - for use as a saw for opening contacts   please choose: XM-A-LMQYTZ-MP-90

60 micron - for reduction  please choose: XM-A-LMQYTZ-MP-60

40 micron - for contouring  please choose: XM-A-LMQYTZ-MP-40

25 micron - for finishing     please choose: XM-A-LMQYTZ-MP-25

15 micron - for pre polishing   please choose: XM-A-LMQYTZ-MP-15 is one professional dental supplies website which supplies dental equipment in Australia with lowest price guarantee.

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