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Cosmetic Dentistry Can Transform Our Smile So Well

Whilst many people in Britain do not have the most ideal smiles, people in America are well-known for their Hollywood looks. Certainly many celebrities have felt the need to transform their smiles into bright white and perfectly straight smiles. However, there are those of you out there that would prefer to have cosmetic dentistry done but of a type that is not too obvious and has certain irregularities that make the smile appear stunning but at the same time very natural.

Advance techniques and dental instruments can now create new smiles to suit you. It involves many aspects of cosmetic dentistry and starts with detailed treatment planning of your mouth, teeth and smile. Dr. Rahul Doshi, senior director at The Perfect Smile Studios now undertakes a new concept in teeth transformations. It is a technique he devised at The Perfect Smile Advanced Training Institute called Smiles2SuitU. As the name implies the technique involves understanding your current smile in detail and then designing a brand new smile that may or may not be completely straight but is definitely one that will suit you.

The main essence of the technique is in the "Trial Smile" created that allows you to "wear and try-out" the new smile. The Trial Smile is created so that it resembles the finished smile perfectly. The only difference being that it is not created out of porcelain. This gives you a unique opportunity to critique your new smile. Any changes you wish are incorporated into the new and final smile. This gives you a huge amount of control on how your final teeth will look.

Methodically, cosmetic dentistry involves few methods. Sometimes it is dome by adding a dental material to the gums or teeth called laminates, crowns, bonding, or gum grafts. On the other hand, removal of gums or tooth structures is also a common procedure of cosmetic dentistry. The procedures are called enameloplasty, and gingivectomy. Again, some methods are there that do not require addition or removal of teeth. The methods are called tooth whitening or bleaching, and strengthening of teeth or orthodontics.

If you ask me about the most common type of cosmetic tooth work, I would go by tooth whitening. Whitening or bleaching teeth is the most common type of cosmetic dental procedure. If you visit your family dentistry for getting beautiful teeth back, he/she would advice to opt for tooth whitening. However, you should always confer with a reputable dentist for this purpose. This is so as inexperienced dentists may harm your teeth by improper whitening process. It can hamper the enamel of the teeth, and should be done with great care thereby. Use of quality chemicals and dental ultrasonic cleaner  is important when you opt for tooth whitening.

In addition to tooth whitening, another cosmetic dentistry that is much popular is bonding. It is mainly a process in which dentists apply a dental composite similar to enamel on the surface of the teeth. The material soon sculpted into shape, hardened and polished after that. Dental bridges, often known as pontics, is often used for implementing false teeth. This is not all a painful process and can be done with a great ease. There are two types of bridges. One is removable and the other one is fixed or permanent. Therefore, you can correct your teeth by many a way.