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Make Full Use Of Teeth Whitening Gels

Part of looking good and feeling good is to frequently smile. But what if you are not confident enough to show off flashy smiles because your teeth have a yellowish color in contrast to the usually white teeth?

The most common causes of yellowish teeth are age, constant consumption of staining substances, smoking, excessive fluoride, old fillings and many others. While there may be whitening toothpaste products to choose from, teeth whitening gels are much more effective since this dental cleaning will not change the intrinsic staining of the teeth.

Applying teeth gels is a very safe procedure and the results can be seen almost immediately. It costs around $400 to $500. This process can make your teeth 3 shades whiter in a matter of days. Teeth whitening gels whitens natural teeth. It will not harm any artificial dental work by your personal dentist. But is very wise to consult your dentist first, before undergoing such procedure to clearly monitor the development of your teeth. For this process, only one hour per day treatment time is needed. Some formulas require less wear time as compared to other products. Patients who want to have whiter teeth can use teeth whitening gels that are 22% Carbamide Peroxide and 16% Carbamide Peroxide formulas.If you are a dentist, you can buy dental equipment like dental welding machine from internet.

Teeth whitening gel is often used with a mixture of syringes and mouth trays. Basically, the gel will be squirted into the tray and then ed into the mouth, but the amount of gel and the duration for which the tray stays in the mouth vary depending on what type of gel is being used. This, of course, is the day to day use of gels, but impressions for mouths and other starting steps before the regular use of whitening gel. It is, of course, necessary to get a mouth tray that fits into an individual's mouth and bite, so most types or companies that produce whitening gel will send a starter kit with the teeth whitening gel. First, an individual must make a mouth tray through the use of impressions and mail them back to the company. Then, the company will make the mouth trays from the impressions and send them back. After these preliminary steps have been taken, it is easy to simply put the gel into the mouth tray and them.

Of course, some gels are meant to work for around four hours, and others have varying times that trays are meant to be kept in the mouth. Knowing what product is being used and how long it should be kept in the mouth is extremely important for both complete gel effectiveness as well as safety. Teeth whitening kits often come with specific instructions on how to use the trays effectively and safely, as well as how to properly take care of them. Following all of these directions is another vital step in the use of gels, and will help to make all smiles shine as best they can for all the world to see.