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Green Dentistry For A Perfect Smile

The dental office should exude an aura of serenity and comfort. Modern dental offices these days employ natural lighting from the sun, coupled with indirect lighting by way of fluorescent bulbs, which are integrated into walls and ceilings. This lighting combination's purpose is to - as much as possible - emulate a more serene aura in the dental clinic, and also to maximize the space, since hanging light bulbs and lamps often make the dental clinic look cramped.

Green dental office design, as most interior designers call it, is catching waves since people are now more aware about the environment and are lobbying against environmentally harmful electronics and appliances. And since green concepts and designs serve not only an aesthetic purpose, but are energy efficient as well.Dentists will use all kinds of dental equipment like ultrasonic scaler from internet.


LED lighting or LED lamps, are well suited for any commercial or residential home, since they consume far less electricity and are thousands of lumens brighter than the traditional incandescent/fluorescent light bulbs; hence, more output for less input. A 7-watt LED lamp can replace a 70-watt incandescent lamp or a 35-watt fluorescent lamp. And, LED lamps are theoretically proven to last longer than its predecessors - 100,000 hours to give an approximate.


Technological advancements have spurred dental equipment to be: effective even with everyday usage, less resistant to wear and tear, compact, practical, have longer lives and also have dense energy-saving features. Older air compressors used to throttle two times more horsepower than newer models, and older ones were as bulky as they were ineffective in purifying the air of the dental clinic. Newer vacuum pumps also deliver more suction flow per horsepower than older models, and are so quiet the patient won't even notice it running in the background. But among other things, the benefits of running an oil-free machine factor in on the environmental scale.

Though new dental equipment may prove costly, they still are better to invest on, since the long-run electricity savings is indeed very material, not to mention the quality, warranty, build, and more importantly, little to maintenance on your part to keep the new dental equipment up and running.

Who could be a green dentist?

The main objective of eco-dentists is to instill practices, methods, and technologies that would not harm the patient's health and our environment. Green dentists and the Eco-Dentistry Association (EDA) make sure that their practices do not have any negative impact on their surroundings - such as using energy-efficient fluorescent lights and low-flow faucets and ceilings. They even make sure that the paint used in painting their office does not emit harmful toxins in the air or the one that doesn't contain any Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC).

So, basically, anyone can be a green dentist.

There are dentists who have been certified with the Green DOC certificate on Bronze, Silver, or Gold level because of documenting their efforts on maintaining clean, green dentistry. Also, there are those dentists who had already achieved high-standards for clean and green dentistry and were given certificates by the Eco-Dentistry Association (EDA).

Still, even though you are assured that the dentist is eco-friendly, you still have to know if this dentist had the required education and training for his or her practice so that you wouldn't have problems in asking for the kind of treatment you will need.