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Dental Implants Technology For A Beautiful Smile

living body - integrates with the bone to such an extent that it effectively becomes part of the bones structure. This discovery, which became know as osseointegration, lead to a Dr. Leonard Linkow carrying out the first modern day dental implant procedure just four months after he graduated from the New York University dental school. Dr Linkow became known as 'the father of modern implant dentistry' and continued to work in this field of dentistry until his retirement in 2002.

All dental implants which are paced today consist of a screw shaped piece of titanium which is placed into the jaw allowing osseointegration to take place. An abutment is joined on to the top of the implant which is then covered by a ceramic crown, resulting in a replacement tooth which has a very similar appearance to a natural tooth. This type of cosmetic dental surgery is carried out under a local or general anesthetic on an outpatient basis.There are many kinds of dental equipment like dental curing light in the internet.

Current Technologies

The technologies involved in modern dental implant techniques have seen continual improvement from the early days in the middle of the 20th century, right up until the present day. Advanced technologies such as CT Scanning equipment and computerized technologies are commonly used by dental implant clinics; this together with the development of new techniques - such as guided dental implants - eliminates the need for guesswork and increases implant success rates.

This framework of dental implants can be used to hold a number of dental prostheses in place. Crowns, bridges and even dentures are held in place with root-form endosseous implants. They can also be used to help the dentist anchor supports for orthodontic tooth movement, as in the placement of braces and other tooth supports designed to support and straighten teeth. Dental implants allow the tooth to move in one direction without undesirable reaction in the other direction.

The history of dental implants dates centuries back into the Mayan era, but modern versions have evolved within the last decade or so. Dr. Linkow is often referred to as the father of modern dental implants. The basic procedure for placing dental implants involves drilling into the jaw bone with precision drills that operate at very high speeds. These high speeds must be regulated in order to avoid burning the bone or causing necrosis, which is essentially killing off living parts of the bone matter.

Dental implants have been used for centuries to give people the ability to eat and smile with ease. Consider talking to your dentist if you require tooth extraction and are thinking about your options for replacement down the road. Dental implants may be what you're looking for and your dentists should be able to answer your questions and give you a good idea about whether or not this procedure is appropriate for your dental needs.