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Turn Yellow Teeth Into White Teeth

Having yellow teeth is so disgusting and embarrassing. you think anyone would want to kiss a mouth full of stains. You might ask yourself, how do i turn yellow teeth white? You have either two options. Go the dentist and pay hundreds of dollars for whitening or get a home whitening kit and try it out risk free.

Having yellow teeth can come from drinking coffee,smoking,and aging. Its very important to have white teeth. When we look at celebrities, political figures or any one with importance they have a bright smile. Nobody is going to admire or take you serious if you have yellow teeth. This show a sign of poor hygiene and could really effect your self confidence.Dentists can buy dental instruments like dental polishing machine from internet.

Here are some tips to keeping your teeth white

Brush daily - Brush your teeth after every meal. This helps to remove stains that can be cause by certain foods and drinks

Floss - Not only its important for your teeth to look white but to also to keep them healthy. White teeth are no value if they start falling.

Mouthwash - There are whitening mouthwash to help with the process. White teeth and a good breath are always a plus.

This process takes time and should be done on a regular. If you want to speed things up try home whitening kits. If you have yellow teeth from smoking or drinking to much soda or coffee this step is crucial. Brushing your teeth daily might not be enough to remove the stains. The great thing about home whitening kits is that they come with a free trial. You could get results just from the one sample absolutely free. Depending on how stain your teeth are, you might want to place an order but see what results you get first.

It is important to cut down on consumption of stain inducing drinks like coffee and tea whilst also reducing altogether smoking and drinking alcohol. These are the two biggest causes of yellow teeth and constant use of these will definitely assure you a future of dingy and unpleasant teeth.

One should begin to eat healthily. Vitamin C based fruits like oranges and lemons are natural whitening agents, hence all the tales about rubbing lemon peels on the teeth.

Once healthy teeth have been achieved then one can look towards a home whitening kit.

The best home whitening kits are those that make use of the swab technique. Cotton swabs filled with a liquid whitening formula are used in conjunction with a special powder to ruthlessly remove yellow teeth.

The big plus to these kits are that they take only 5 minutes to apply, so they can easily be incorporated into one's brushing schedule, and that your enamel is also protected totally during the process.