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Amazing Smile Can Be Gotten With Those Tips

Have your teeth been discolored due to consumption of alcohol, coffee, tea, tobacco, medication or accident? There is no need to worry as teeth whitening are a simple and safe procedure to lighten and brighten your discolored teeth. In order to achieve a whiter and brighter smile, laser teeth whitening New York City is the quickest and easiest way, taking as little as one hour. The teeth are first cleaned and examined and then a plastic mouth guard is placed over the gums. This is to protect the soft tissues from the whitening agent.

If you consume these products then brush or rinse your mouth immediately. Patients should understand that teeth whitening do not cause any damage to tooth structure. So it is totally safe and effective. The invention of laser dentistry in Manhattan has provided many options as well as better dental services for clients. This is because it lacks the heat and vibration that is required in dental drill. For this reason the whole procedure is very comfortable as there is no need of an injection. Patients do not have to bear painful drilling and healing is much faster.

The different teeth whitening products that can be used include: whitening toothpaste, whitening gel, whitening strips, tray whitener, whitening rinse, and dental equipment (in office). Interestingly enough, all of the products contain some component of hydrogen peroxide with/without bleach. So, in one way or another they all utilize very similar chemicals, however their application and duration are a bit different. Many/all with the exception of bleaching, can be done independently with over the counter kits etc. A cosmetic dentist can oversee any products, however, their specific process is bleaching which is performed in their office. The process involves the whitening agent being applied on the teeth, and often heat, a special light, or laser is used. The results are immediate, and typically it is recommended that a patient return several times.

After deciding which product/technique you are going to use to whiten your teeth, there are a few pointers in order to have a successful experience. First, when deciding if you should work with a cosmetic dentist remember that the additional supervision can impact the results. Secondly, a mouthpiece tray is form fitted in the office, however if purchased over the counter, the mouthpiece  or dental air compressor is one size fits all. The process takes place better if it is directly on your teeth and not moving around in the mouthpiece. Third, the concentration of the hydrogen peroxide is much lower in a store bought product than if you were working with a cosmetic dentist, thus impacting the speed of the process. Fourth, your dentist is able to look at your complete medical history and determine whether whitening is a good solution for you.

There are many factors to consider when looking into teeth whitening and whether or not it is best for you to work with a professional, or do it on your own. Be sure to do your homework, it will be worth your smile!