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Modern Dental Implants Should Be Your Wise Choice

The history of dentistry has long roots, going back to as early as 7000BC in what is now the Middle East. Slowly, the field of dentistry has improved, going through all sorts of phases and implementing new dnetal lab equipment and techniques that provide for healthier teeth and protecting them for longer times without constant care and attention.

One of the newest innovations in dental technology that has started to gain widespread attention is dental implants. While the idea is not new, the way in which they are being implemented is. Instead of using tradition bridges or gaps, modern dental implants use technology which mimics the roots of teeth and actually goes into the gums and jaw bones in the same way that a normal tooth does. While this might not sound so special, it is actually fairly revolutionary and offers may advantages over previous dental procedures.

Instead of requiring support from the teeth bordering on either side of the one with the implant, dental implants get their support from the section that is lodged into the gums in place of the root. This is usually in the form of a knife shaped metal piece, a cylinder, or a pin. These shapes lodged into the gums, and sometimes even attached to the bone, completely negate the need for bridges and gaps between teeth and create the perfect opportunity for a perfect looking smile.

With the use of modern dental implants, people have the option to have a realistic smile without using dentures or other procedures which can cost a fortune and know that it will last for years to come.

A dental implant, when looking from a general understand point of view is very simple. If you have a missing tooth and desire an implant the first thing your cosmetic dentist will do is to drill a pilot hole in your jawbone. This pilot hole is placed in an exact position for you. A dentist uses 3d imaging, traditional x-ray imaging and other advanced modeling technology like dental implant machine.

Once that pilot hole is drilled a titanium post is installed in the jawbone. This post will fuse to the jawbone and provide a solid, permanent foundation for the new tooth. Often this post will take several weeks and sometimes months to fuse to your jawbone. The process that your jawbone and titanium post encounter is called osseointegration. Once the post has integrated into your jawbone an abutment is placed on top of the implant to allow the dentist to place it for the best performance. The placement of the abutment and titanium post are critical for chewing and nourishment. Getting the angle and depth correct are among the finer points of dental implantology.

Once all of this is completed it is time for the final part of the dental implant procedure; the prosthetic tooth. The prosthetic tooth is mounted into the abutment. A dental implant allows missing teeth to be replaced without the need for a bridge or partial dentures, or it can make partial dentures feel more secure. Implants also support natural facial structure and can help to prevent bone loss and deterioration in the jaw.