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Latest Dental Technologies Make Dentistry So Convenient

 Way back in the last century computers were big and heavy. They needed to be plugged into a wall for power and data. The monitor was a huge piece of glass and plastic that required either a staunch desk or a strong man to support it. Computers were put in one place and they just stayed there. If you needed to use the computer, you went to it--the computer did not come to you.

Amazing new technology has fundamentally changed all that. It is no longer necessary to assign a computer to a place-the computer can be assigned to a person and it simply goes wherever the person goes. It is a bit like an old wall-mounted corded telephone and a handheld cell phone. The old wall mount is the kitchen phone that you use to make or take a call- everybody uses it. Your cell phone is your phone-you carry it with you and it is intensely personal. Needless to say, dental technology and the way technology can be used in dental practice management, will never be the same.
The idea of a personal tablet style portable computer is not new. In fact it was introduced by Microsoft as the Tablet PC in 2001. However, it never caught on. It seemed a cool concept-but people just weren't that interested.
Yet the issue comes with the fact that dental clinics are not like hospitals wherein there are radiologists who can expertly handle the machine. As they say, no one can really monitor each clinic on how the machine is handled or who even handles the machine. Furthermore, the problem is that the side effects of radiation may not be automatically seen. We really cannot tell what will happen to us in the future after being exposed to so much radiation. I am a dentist and always buy dental instruments like dental micro motor from internet.
Some would say that we are already exposed to some sort of radiation every single day and that the issue on the dental equipment is just overblown. But the sad fact still remains that we are greatly exposed to disease causing agents. Sometimes we do not have any knowledge about the dangers of a certain equipment only to find out later its adverse effects on our health.
There may even be procedures that can occur using this machine without the necessity of doing so. These may be ethical issues surrounding the profession but no one can say that using the machine is safe because professionals are handling it. For new technology to make a great impact in the medical field, it should not compromise the overall health of the patient. It is still a matter of resolving a certain issue with the proper tool and procedure without detriment.