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Make Your Teeth Straight With Invisalign Treatment
Patients love how beautiful their smile is after undergoing the Invisalign treatment. Their smile is bright, straight, and helps to give their confidence a huge boost. But, without the proper care and diligence after the treatment, the effects won't last. This happens more than people think. However, a cosmetic dentist can provide several recommendations to prevent this from happening and ensure patients are able to enjoy their stunning, straight smile long into the future.
How Invisalign Works:
Instead of metal, this system uses a series of clear plastic trays that are designed specifically by the cosmetic dentist for each patient through computer imaging. These trays place a slight pressure on each tooth in the right spot to gently encourage them to move into the correct position. And, as the teeth move, new trays and dental handpiece are made and put in place to keep an even pressure on them.
Patients wear each aligner for approximately two weeks at a time, 24 hours a day. They are only removed when eating, brushing, or flossing. In all, the process can include anywhere from 15-30 different trays.
For many brace wearers there are issues with comfortableness and food consumption. Invisalign on the other hand does not have this problem as they are much gentler on the mouth and can be removed before food - meaning no extra hard cleaning that brace wearers often have to do.
Invisalign, unlike traditional braces causes less damage to the gums, teeth and other tissues. Braces often cause issues such as tooth decay due to not being able to clean your teeth properly and the roots of teeth to shorten - all of which will have an effect on your teeth's health. Rather than have one statutory brace, removable aligners are swapped every two weeks to be replaced with a slightly tighter fit, which places less force upon your teeth than braces. Although you have to visit the orthodontic dentist more often (every 2 weeks instead of 6), Invisalign aligners puts a smaller amount of pressure on your teeth each time your visit, making them more comfortable for you to wear.
Where Do I find Teeth Aligners? 
Teeth aligners can be found from mainly private orthodontic dentists with dental equipment throughout the world. All you need to do is book an appointment at your orthodontic dentist and create between you a teeth straightening plan. Your dentist will then tell you if Invisalign is appropriate for you and will go through with the personal teeth straightening plan with you, which is based upon what you want your teeth to look like at the end.