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Compensate you with money


1. Only if you have ever bought from us, Athenadental,no mater through ebay store or our official website. If you don't sure
     whether bought from us or not, please check the two links below and see if it's familiar.
     http://stores.ebay.com.au/dentalbase12(eBay store)
     http://www.athenadental.com.au/(Official Website)

2. Only if you can prove that someone else bought from us is also someone you know. It's easy to prove that, you only have
     to ask him/her to send us a message saying "xxx xxx is my friend and he bought xxx xxx(name of the item) from you at
     xxxx (date)". That's it.

How much you'll get:

1. 1% of the total value of the someone's order. (Eg: the one you know who bought from us a item with value of $2000,
     then you will be paid $20 by us.)

2. Double the compensation.
    If you're willing to use the money you get to buy from us again, then the money will be doubled. (Eg: If you want to use
    the $20 to buy something from us, the $20 will change into $40)


1. This compensating-activity begins from Sep.1st,2015 only.
2. The one you know has to be someone came to us after Sep.1st,2015.
3. The order placed by someone you know has to be finished with Fixed Price.

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