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Common problems with the use of dental handpieces, and maint
Common handpiece problems and solutions!
The modern high-speed dental handpiece (that is, the turbine head) is powered by air and drives the needle spinning to cut teeth. The rotation speed and accuracy of the dental handpiece under the rated pressure directly affect the doctor's diagnosis and treatment. The higher the rotation speed of the dental handpiece under the rated pressure, the better the axial sleeve is. The more accurate the area is, the easier the doctor will be, and the lower the patient's pain will be. Therefore, it is particularly important that the dental handpiece's rotation speed of the rated air pressure is normal or not.
Doctors often encounter new pins on their handpieces but still don't move their teeth, and the handpiece's driving pressure is normal, which often indicates that the handpiece's speed is not up to the rating. The user usually gets a higher speed by adjusting the air pressure to get a good cutting effect. Is actually right now is for Dental handpiece of potential failure, the higher the pressure adjustment of the Dental handpiece damage rate, and finally leads to dental handpieces under the pressure of no matter how high can't achieve the ideal cutting result. So you have to change the bearing.
Dental handpieces damage mainly because of the bearing damage, the drill for dental use, the factors which influence the internal bearing life "fatigue life" and "lubrication life" is the most outstanding. Therefore, you should pay attention to the following three points in your daily use:
Two high-speed Dental handpieces are interchangeable
Dental handpieces in use in the process of bearing has to rotate at high speed, the bearing inner ball to continually in loop bearing inner and outer circle force f, will take a long time can cause bearing "mechanical fatigue", which directly affects the service life of bearing. Doctors usually used are standard treatment, it is equipped with two high-speed Dental handpiece, if a doctor in the use of a Dental handpiece after a period of time (10 minutes advisable) to replace to use another Dental handpiece, which is two Dental handpiece used interchangeably, so can greatly alleviate because of "fatigue" and the life of the impact of Dental bearing. This greatly lengthens the life of the handpiece. According to statistics, nearly 60 percent of Dental handpiece bearings are damaged due to fatigue.
The cleaning and lubrication of the bearings are also important considerations.
Cleaning is to prevent the foreign body from entering the bearing and increase the friction of the ball and the inner circle of the bearing, which is the process of replacing the water and foreign body in the dental handpiece with detergent and lubricating oil. The lubrication is to reduce the friction between the ball and the inner circle of the bearing, so that the handpiece can rotate at high speed. We use professional Dental oil for lubrication. Lubricating oil is a liquid as a Dental handpiece in the Dental bearing high speed rotating at the same time there will be a lot of loss and makes the bearing is in a state of "dry" soon, so to win before each use for Dental oil, keep the dental handpiece bearing in the lubrication state in time.
According to different brands and models of Dental handpiece selection of the corresponding size drive pressure.
Use about three months in Dental handpiece to carry on professional maintenance. This maintenance work is best performed by the professional according to certain procedure.
2. Common handpiece problems and solutions!
Pneumatic turbine dental handpiece since 1957, this kind of Dental handpiece, with its extraordinary rotational speed (more than 400000 r/min, the most nearly 400000 r/min) was welcomed by the patient and the operator, quickly replaced the electric Dental handpieces, become a indispensable tool in today's dental work. In recent years, although air blast technology and laser technology have also been used in oral clinical treatment, turbo Dental handpieces still occupy an important position.
Now, Dental handpiece has become a oral clinical work surroundings shall not leave tools, various types of Dental handpieces on the market supply, the function is all ready, different quality, has a very wide choice.
The dental handpiece sterilization maintenance should be responsible. No matter how busy the work is, these tasks must be done in a step-by-step manner, and never 'cut corners'. The so-called 'no-maintenance' handpiece only makes special processing on the ball surface so that the handpiece doesn't stick to the detritus and the lubricant won't be lost. But the rest of the bearing, such as the o-ring, should be maintained, so don't ignore the routine maintenance of these dental equipments--handpieces.