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Dental Lab Supply in usa?

If you buy all kinds of American supplies for your friend's overseas dental lab, there's no way to get her or you to avoid taxes altogether. (if it is easy to tax products purchased in the United States, everyone will be running their own sales operations overseas.
If you buy these things and sell them to her, any income you earn will be taxed in the United States in the same way, just like any other income from inventory sales.
This may sound surprising, but if you bought the supplies, and at the same price to sell to her, apparently, without any taxable income from sales of inventory, in the United States will have America's tax "in article 482 of the internal revenue code" "transfer pricing" prescribed in article 482 of the rules, especially in article 482 of this law. Essentially, you would be labeled as "arm length" - a typical buyer would pay an unrelated seller. Your friend to pay the price of these goods will increase by the corresponding amount, let her in her native country to get more discount (assuming that other countries have their own rules of transfer pricing, and most other countries).