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Dental equipment service repair business?

u work in industry 3- 5 yrs as u learn the
u spend 30 hours week learning about
the 100 of factors needed for a business.
u work 2nd jobs and save up 10,000s$
to get started.
In most cases equipment maintenance and repair are is through a factory rep. The first thing is to explore if there is even a market for an independent repair shop. If the majority of maintenance is performed under warranty and/or service contract with the supplier you will need to work with the suppliers to get certified and to get on their list of maintenance companies. Remember the manufacture has the repair parts so they control both the who and the how of maintenance and repair. My brother-in-law worked for a medical device manufacturer for years, when they cut back on staff he got a job at the hospital repairing and servicing medical machines. His main function was routine servicing, (cleaning the machines to meet requirements, and calibration) he could only make small repairs. The major repairs were accomplished through the manufacturer.