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Help with Dental Equipment Sale Assistant job ?

Dental equipment sale assistants work directly with and under the supervision of dentists and dental surgeons. Though dental assistants spend a significant amount of time working with patients, they have other duties as well. They perform interactive, lab and office tasks that are vital to the successful operation of a dental practice.

Direct Patient Care
Dental assistants spend most of their time working directly with patients under the dentist's supervision. They sterilize equipment, hand instruments to the dentist, use suction hoses to keep the patient's mouth dry and instruct patients on oral health practices. They use dental isolation techniques to apply rubber dams, wedges and cavity liners. A dental assistant's responsibilities include carving amalgam restorations and placing resin restorations, according to Assistants also manage dental emergencies.

Lab Duties
A dental assistant may spend time in a laboratory preparing materials such as restoration and impression materials, cements, amalgams and composites. They organize X-rays, place dental dams, remove sutures, remove unused filling cement and apply medications to teeth and gums. In addition, a dental assistant's duties include using impressions to make dental casts, creating temporary crowns and cleaning appliances in a lab.

Office Duties
Dental assistants perform a number of clerical tasks as well. They are the first to welcome the patient into the dentist chair. They keep meticulous treatment records, updating charts as needed. Dental assistants schedule appointments and call patients to confirm. They receive and process payments, and are also responsible for ordering and maintaining dental supplies, according to the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics.