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Home Dental Answers Do dental hygienists order things like equipment?
Do dental hygienists order things like equipment?

Yes, the hygienists order that they need to predict the patients, the office orders what they need, and the assistants usually order their dental materials.
In most office, this is the way I describe, although every office is different, I know a few people have a health division, responsible for all order of health personnel and assistants. This is done by asking the assistant what they do or what they need to do. In all of the offices I know, the front desk always takes care of themselves, because their supplies are completely different from those needed by the hygienist and the assistant.
As for the first responder, she is a qualified assistant for X-ray experience/training and can save her doctor a lot of time. No matter what the training is, how much experience you need to empower her to do something. Your doctor will give this power to someone he trusts, he knows the material he likes, and he knows how to make his office work. While taking care of a patient, your doctor may not care much about saving money, regardless of how long you think his patient will be.