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Your Position: Home Dental Answers What are safety requirements for using welding machine?
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What are safety requirements for using welding machine?

Not allowed in high humidity (relative humidity above 90%), high temperature (ambient temperature more than 40 ℃), the surrounding is harmful gas, inflammable, explosive, and occasions, such as water, salt spray, dust and rain and ventilation facilities.
The welding machine shell must be reliable grounding and zero protection, and no multiple welding machine series grounding protection or zero protection
Before use, must check whether the rated voltage of the primary windings of the welder is in line with the power supply voltage, check whether the wiring of the terminal board is correct, and whether the connection is firm and reliable
The connecting terminals of the secondary wiring should be strong, or it will lead to the burning of the terminal. A protective cover should be installed at one time and the secondary terminal in case of electric shock.etc. is one professional dental supplies website which supplies dental equipment in Australia with lowest price guarantee.

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