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What causes dental phobia and anxiety?

Common causes of tooth development and anxiety in people include:
Fear of pain: Fear of pain is a common cause of dentist avoidance. Fear usually comes from early dental experience, which is unpleasant or painful, or because of the "horror" story of the teeth they hear. Due to many advances in dentistry over the years, most dental surgery today involves relatively little, and often no, pain.
Fear of injections or injections does not work: Many people are scared of needles, especially when inserted into the mouth. Others fear that anesthesia will not work or that there is not enough dose to eliminate the pain before the operation begins.
Fear of side effects of anesthesia: Potential side effects of anesthesia, such as dizziness, dizziness, or nausea, may cause some people a sense of fear. Others do not like numbness or "fat lips" associated with local anesthetics.
Feeling helpless and out of control: when they were sitting in a dentist's chair, they opened their mouths and could not see what went wrong. Some felt helpless and they could not control the situation.
Embarrassment and Loss of Personal Space: Many people are very dissatisfied with the performance of dentists or health workers and others may feel uncomfortable with the appearance of the teeth or possible bad breath.

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