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People with Diabetes at Higher Risk?

Because diabetes reduces the body's resistance to infection, gums are at risk for developing gingivitis, usually caused by bacteria present in the plaque. Dental plaque is an adhesive film that accumulates on the teeth above and below the gum line.
Without regular dental examination, gingivitis can cause gum disease and gingivitis can also cause inflammation and inflammation of the surrounding tissues and damage. To prevent the problem of oral bacterial infections, dentists may prescribe antibiotics, medicated mouthwashes, and more frequent cleansing in patients with diabetes.
The established link between oral health and general health suggests that diet and exercise may be the most important changes in people with diabetes who can improve their quality of life and oral health. Diabetics should ensure that their medical and dental care staff understand their medical history and periodontal status. In order to keep their teeth and gums robust, people with diabetes should be aware of their own blood glucose levels and regularly check their triglycerides and cholesterol levels, as these factors may be directly related to their risk of gum disease.

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