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Panoramic Corporation launches advanced imaging system

Panoramic introduced a new digital panoramic and head measurement imaging system that adds the tradition of high-quality dental supplies offered through Panoramic's exclusive direct sales model.

Envision offers panoramic and panoramic / head measurement configurations, an advanced imaging system using high-quality cadmium-cadmium telluride (CdTe-CMOS) sensor technology and reports that it produces more than 3000 diagnostic information, which is a two-dimensional extraoral machine Unique characteristics.

It is also designed to combine excellent image quality and enhanced sharpness and contrast on the user's platform to allow the dental team to position the patient with high quality and consistent x-rays. Thanks to this special sensor technology and continuous autofocus, Panoramic's Envision was considered to provide the best possible image all the time, greatly reducing the positioning errors of the panoramic and cephalometric gauges.

For more than 30 years Panoramic has designed and supported exceptional customer-service performance driven and reliable out-of-the-box imaging solutions.

Vatech introduced PaX-i Insight

Vatech America, Inc. announced the launch of PaX-i Insight, the latest digital panoramic radiography system that is said to drive the limits of 2D digital imaging. Built with Vatech's latest CMOS dental equipment technology, PaX-i Insight is said to have unique capabilities to capture the depth of panoramic X-rays and provide unprecedented depth and clarity for 2D digital panoramas.

The new PaX-i Insight offers physicians an amazing 41-slice digital panoramic radiograph designed specifically for dental and pediatric dentists and general practitioners. The system provides the optional next-generation cephalometric arm that captures the lateral X-ray within 1.9 seconds.

As these shortened skulls measure image acquisition time, doctors will not only find improved image quality, but also measure less motion artifacts in their head. In addition, PaX-i Insight reportedly offers a comprehensive, sophisticated 2D imaging solution that takes the diagnostic value of panoramic images to new heights.

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