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Home Dental Answers A Fatal Fad?
A Fatal Fad?

Ludwig's angina is an oral bacterial infection that occurs after tooth infection, oral injury, oral surgery or oral puncture. After oral puncture, the mouth has an open wound that allows bacteria to pass through the bloodstream. Bacteria can cause the bottom of the mouth to expand rapidly, blocking the airway or preventing saliva from swallowing.
When the bacteria enters the blood through the perforation and infects the heart, endocarditis occurs. People with a history of heart disease have a risk of endocarditis. In the dentist's office, medical records help dentists determine who is at risk and provide these patients with antibiotics before certain dental procedures to avoid this potentially fatal problem.

Unclean perforation equipment can cause other infections such as hepatitis. In addition, if the patient is not instructed to avoid contact with the puncture, they may spread the infection with their own fingers.

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