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It’s About Time and About DEXIS

After 37 years of dental practice, I decided to change my image. I mean, I improved my radiographic image by switching from film to digital X-rays. I want to make the best choice, so I invited representatives of three different

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companies to participate in the demonstration. An interesting aspect is highlighted in my mind. When discussing digital systems with my dental colleagues, many people have shifted from other brands to DEXISTM. But I have not heard of anyone switching from DEXIS to another system.

DEXISTM Platinum Sensor technology produces clear images at various exposure settings. ClearVuTM image enhancement tools provide more detail and depth. I use this tool every day. I no longer worry about the worries that come with the film, such as “Is my X-ray too bright? Will they be too dark? Is the solution too cool or too weak?” “This is no longer happening. DEXIS images are very consistent.

With DEXIS, I can magnify images as needed without losing image quality. I can change the contrast or use other drawing tools to indicate the area of ​​interest. My patient can now look at the monitor displaying the enlarged image and really understand what I am explaining. With the movie, they had to turn to look at the view box a few feet away, or see X-rays shine in the light.

My new DEXIS system makes me unhappy. From image quality to support, I think I have the best.
My DEXIS system is also ideal for communicating with experts because I can send images almost instantly and securely. With the movie, we must write a note, make a repetitive movie, install it, put it in an envelope, get the address and mail it. They got it a few days later. DEXIS is a huge time saver. Another example is the recurrence within seconds. With the movie, if I need to remake it, I can take another ten minutes to take a new X-ray and develop it.

According to ADA, digital X-rays cause my patients to experience less radiation than movies*. According to a laboratory study cited by DEXIS, DEXIS Platinum sensors provide higher diagnostic image quality results at lower radiation doses than competitive sensors, and platinum sensors are at low radiation doses and high radiation doses. Show more consistency.

Liz Talairco, our dental consultant for Henry Schein, is very sharp. She guides us in the process of choosing DEXIS. She followed up on every issue and never lost the ball. In terms of DEXIS, Lisa Brooks representatives are very helpful and the service department is also very helpful. Like any computer-based system, challenges can occur and DEXIS support is already available and helpful. They pull up our accounts and start business quickly. On one occasion, several members of the DEXIS support team collaborated to provide an efficient solution. They even emailed notes and discussion notes and provided information on what to do if they happen again. I know we can count on them.

My new DEXIS system makes me unhappy. From image quality to support, I think I have the best. This

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digital system saves time, money, and more easily. I should switch a few years ago.

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