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CariVu–It Makes Perfect Sense

As a technology enthusiast, I read the Dental Journal and Technology Blog to learn about materials and dental equipment that can improve my proximity to dentistry. Recently, I discovered a DEXIST MCariVu dental caries detection device using near-infrared (NIR) transmission technology.

CariVu takes perspective lighting to a higher level. The device detects carious lesions and cracks through near-infrared light, between occlusion, as well as cracks and repairs. Dense enamel reflects this light, while porous dental caries lesions trap and absorb light. As a result, CariVu produces a healthy tooth that appears light and dark images of the lesion. This allows accurate information to be obtained without any ionizing radiation.

Before Cari Vu, I tried a lighting method using a pen lighting device. When the patient was watching the area in a handheld mirror, I would shine in the dark operating room. Although the patient was polite and said they saw what I was referring to, I doubted that they really saw it. With CariVu, I can move the device, rotate the device to manually change the depth of focus, and visualize the teeth. Better still, I can capture this image, place it on a big screen, zoom in on it, explain to the patient that the decay area is dark, and point out the area of ​​interest. When all these are black and white, the patient becomes interested, informed and ready to receive treatment.

In addition to educating patients, I know that CariVu images will provide the dental supplies information I need to effectively treat dental caries. CariVu shines on both sides of the tooth at the same time, so I can see the size, shape and extent of the initial carious lesion and the edges of the restoration failure more effectively, and plan to dig and treat. Since I have mastered this information before starting treatment, smaller pathways and less invasive treatments can be achieved. I can better use NIR perspective illumination technology to observe fractures and related caries instead of X-rays, which can be misleading due to issues such as burnout or wrong angles.

With CariVu, every time I open my teeth, I know that what I see on the image is the same as what I would encounter in my mouth. I have seen (near-infrared) lights and CariVu's slogan is true - the story of tooth decay is all black and white.

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