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Supercharging Your General Practice with 3D

Last year, competition in general practices intensified. In practice management, the recession has affected production and changed the dental equipment business by moving offices to more powerful disciplines. More offices use new technologies such as digital radiography to increase efficiency and take their practice to a new level. However, as most dental clinics now become paperless, general clinics face new challenges and need to distinguish the office from other offices.

With its award-winning 3D treatment planning software, OP300 Maxio allows clinicians to accurately place implants
A clear path for general practice to reach the next level is to provide more comprehensive services, which may include endodontic treatment, implant dentistry and orthodontics, among others. As clinical services expand, new challenges arise, such as the need to equip offices with more sophisticated diagnostic tools. Cone Beam 3D imaging technology helps to meet these challenges. In particular, modern systems that provide a combination of panoramic and 3D features can meet the basic imaging needs of practice and add highly detailed 3D views for more complex clinical cases.

Dr. Michael Costello from ConfiDENTAL, a diversified dental practice in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, shared his experience and found the right 3D system for his office: “I looked at several different manufacturers and I feel quality, price, size, and The vision of the Instrumentarium machine is what I am looking for. "

The Instrumentarium OP300 system allows ConfiDENTAL to improve the quality of service they provide to patients, explains Costello. “We have been doing our dental treatment. In the past five years, I have implanted implants. In the past, I had to refer patients to 3D scans. Now, with 3D capabilities in my office, I saw patients' acceptance of treatment plans improved, and 3D made me feel more confident about the final dental supplies.”

Cone Beam 3D provides dentists with the latest imaging innovations that help enhance their practice. Fifty years ago, when Instrumentarium revolutionized dentistry by inventing the first panoramic X-ray, dental imaging for the first time provided the Orthopantomograph 1, also known as OP1. This innovative tradition continues to this day. The Instrumentarium OP300 Maxio is a sophisticated system that combines powerful 2D and 3D imaging tools to provide the perfect vision to support diagnostic and treatment plans for a variety of clinical scenarios.

Easy-to-use touch screen interface allows free positioning of the area of ​​interest for each case
The OP300 Maxio offers 3D views ranging from target high resolution 5cm x 5cm 3D scans, suitable for dental pulp cases, condylar to condylar scanning capture dentition, TMJ and airways, in a 3D scan. As clinical trends require a more comprehensive approach in the dental field, it is essential to have a scalable 3D imaging system that includes multiple fields of vision that can be used for diagnosis and treatment planning. This is also an intelligent way of anticipating the future needs of growing general practices.

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