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Diode Lasers Can Benefit Your Practice and Patients

Paper or plastic? What about hamburger cheese? We make choices every day. From a clinical point of view, we make decisions that affect the health and future of patients.
Dental equipment techniques are no exception. Diode lasers are commonplace, but we still have to make decisions about where we are in our practice. The first decision is simple: Should I add a diode laser to my practice? Yes.

The first decision is simple: Should I add a diode laser to my practice? Yes.
Diode lasers help provide better care for patients. Whether it is shaping the gum tissue, in order to obtain a better impression of the crown, or as an aid to the treatment of periodontal disease, diode lasers can play a role. Some may even whiten teeth and relieve TMJ and muscle pain. We can choose which diode laser to buy.

First, see how you practice. We are all dentists, but our approach is different. We make different choices, which translate into technology.

CAO has been manufacturing lasers for many years. They have two diode laser systems: LTM and SHP models. LTM is a basic main force. Turn it on and it will disappear. It features easy-to-use features such as retractable fiber optics, magnetic cell phone holders and plenty of power (5 watts). The SHP laser can do everything LTM does, but it can also whiten and treat TMJ and muscle pain. It does this through the concept of "low-level laser therapy" (LLLT) and biostimulation. The SHP is also equipped with an iPod®touch as operating system. It is suitable for mounting brackets on your phone holder. Touch to change settings and access videos and numerous presets. Professional mobile phones are interchangeable to provide laser energy for pain treatment or whitening.

Both CAO lasers are well built, reliable and supported by Henry Schein. Talk to your colleagues and get the "real world" answer. Ask for cutting speed, hemostasis, and laser effects on the tissue.

I can't decide which laser is right for you (I'd be happy to answer any of your questions), but don't be afraid to jump in. Using code 4212, gum resection or gum reshaping allows each tooth to be repaired. This is a good code. When we are faced with recovering the corruption of the underworld, it is actually paying the price. This dental supplies code is paid as a separate program. If your practice is the same as mine, you will see a lot of underarm rot or Vs need to remove gum tissue and complete a good repair. Check out this code; it may not be in your usual office code list. Or use Charles Blair's book "Coding with Confidence."

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