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How to jump start your cosmetic dentistry practice

Have you ever wondered which of your patients will be satisfied with the final result of your cosmetic dental service? Many dentists have.

If you fall into this category, the advances in direct plywood technology - using more resistant, durable and natural resins than previous generations of conventional composites - may be your practice and patient solution.

The author found that using a patent-pending smile preview overlay allows the practitioner to customize the resin overlay from scratch within minutes. It eliminates the time-consuming, technically sensitive procedures and artistic skills required by previous direct board systems.

In addition, it allows you to provide a non-invasive solution for invasive and extensive treatment in the traditional way.

If you have placed traditional direct boards in the past, you may be hesitant to make direct boards again. Direct veneers tend to get dirty or worn and require ongoing maintenance. In addition, there is an undeniable objection that the direct finish requires a long chair time to create the proper size, shape, and appearance, while the ceramic finish creates a look for you in the lab.

The good news is that the new direct plywood system allows you to solve these dental supplies problems. Placing direct boards is no longer a time-consuming process and requires the art skills that were needed in the past. It also has no staining and wear problems, leading many dentists to avoid direct veneers in the past.

See how direct boards can be used for your practice

The following is a patient who does not want orthodontics. Her main concern was to improve the appearance of her maxillary anterior teeth and to give her a more confident smile.

The question is, can you complete this patient's goal? Computer imaging is one method that you can use to determine. However, how do you know if you can implement a computer that is possible? You may be able to complete the image predictions. Again, if the clinical results are not in agreement with computer imaging expectations, what would you do?

The same is true of batik. If the patient has a halo, it is the patient's responsibility to imagine what their teeth will look like. This may be a challenge.

Solution: There is a patent-pending smile preview overlay that you can customize and place directly on your teeth. It clearly shows patients the final results on their teeth and whether non-invasive solutions using direct inlay techniques can meet their expectations. It has the additional advantage of being reversible because it has not been permanently bound in the preview state. If you don't know how to create a Smile Preview Veneer, feel free to contact the author and you can learn how to do this within minutes.

The photo of the patient who came to attend her smile preview veneer shows the possibility of this approach. "Guess work" was eliminated. What the patient sees with a smile preview overlay is what she will get if she continues to let the smile preview overlay cure permanently. Conversions are completed in minutes without the use of stencils or prefabricated plywood. The dentist who taught this technique told me that it has brought back the joy of cosmetic dentistry.

Once this dental equipment technique is adopted, you will receive more cosmetic dentistry cases each week. For those who are candidates for non-invasive cosmetic dentistry, you will gain greater confidence and your patients will experience how the most advanced direct plywood solves their problems.

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