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Spectra’s Digital Explorer Benefits Your Patients

The diagnosis of dental caries has been an inaccurate science for many years. The vast majority of practitioners around the world use their eyes and explorers for diagnosis. The common belief is that if the explorer inserts a pit or groove, the teeth must have tooth decay. Fortunately, most of the time, the explorers will fall into a pit or crack, and clinical decline exists; however, studies have shown that detector detection alone may miss early decay areas. Unfortunately, when these areas were missed on clinical examinations, patients were forced to make larger repairs at a later date. In today's world, dental caries detection technology can identify dental caries non-invasively at an early stage and allow practitioners to actively treat disease processes through surgery or chemical intervention. One such technique is Spectra by Air Techniques.

Spectra is basically a dental Doppler radar. This dental equipment technology emits high-energy blue-violet light that stimulates the metabolites of cariogenic bacteria. Once the teeth have been scanned, an image appears showing the health condition and areas where tooth decay may be present. The severity of the problem is described by numbers and color scales. Green and low-numbered areas represent health, while areas that appear red to yellow and higher numbers represent problematic areas. This scale is very simple, the patient is easy to understand, the green is good, the color of the fire means a problem. The technology provides an objective media to help with diagnosis, almost like the second opinion.

Today's patients need tangible evidence that there is indeed a problem, and Spectra tooth detection technology allows this to happen.

Our practice began using Spectra two years ago and the technology has a significant return on investment. In a joint diagnostic model, our health workers scan our patients with no debris on the surface until the end of the hygiene appointment. Any images of interest are placed on the monitor for the doctor to examine with the patient and provide an active management process. In the first 30 days, our treatment acceptance increased by approximately 12% compared to traditional intraoral images. In a relatively small practice, this translates into three additional direct repairs per week or about $2,500 per month in additional income. Equally important, when patients choose not to treat, these areas can be tracked and their growth monitored digitally. Recently, our practice has been involved in a customized recall plan. If the patient's image is not scheduled within a reasonable time frame, the patient's image will be emailed to them. This personalized message is more effective than traditional generic recall postcards.

Today's patients need tangible evidence that there is indeed a problem, and Spectra tooth detection technology allows this to happen. It allows doctors to present conservative treatment options but maintains dental supplies practical profitability.

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