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New Smart Material Developed To Stop Bacteria

When the patient goes to the dentist to fill the cavity, they try to solve a problem instead of creating a new problem. But many dental patients will get some bad news: Bacteria may excavate under tooth color and cause new tooth decay, called recurrent caries. This regular tooth decay affects 100 million patients each year and costs 34 billion U.S. dollars to treat.

Now, research collaboration between the University of Toronto's Department of Materials Science and Engineering (MSE), the dental equipment College and the Institute of Biomaterials and Biomedical Engineering (IBBME) has produced a novel method to reduce recurrent caries.

In a recent paper published in the "Scientific Report" magazine, Benjamin Hatton (MSE), Yoav Finer (Dentist) and PhD student Cameron Stewart (IBBME) solved this problem and proposed a new solution. : Antibacterial drug assembly designed to stop bacteria in its orbit. These particles can solve one of the biggest problems with antibacterial filling materials: how do you store enough drugs in the material to be effective for one's entire life?

Hatton said: "Adding particles filled with antibiotics to the filler can create a defense against bacteria that cause cavitation. "But traditionally there have been only enough drugs for several weeks. Through this research, we have discovered a combination of drugs and silica glasses that organize themselves in molecular units to maximize drug density and provide sufficient supply. “

The discovery of this use of self-assembled antibacterial agents means that the team can package 50 times more antibacterial drugs into the particles.

Finer said: "We are very aware that bacteria will deliberately attack the gap between the filler and the remaining teeth, thus forming a hollow.

"The provision of antimicrobial materials for these materials for many years can greatly reduce this problem."

Looking into the future, the team plans to test these new drug storage particles in dental supplies fillings to monitor their performance in bacterial and salivary attacks in complex environments in the oral cavity. With some fine-tuning, this new "smart" material can create stronger fills and fewer dentist trips.

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