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Too Much Drilling? Not All Early Tooth Decay Needs A Filling

In order to find dental caries as early as possible, in addition to visual inspection and X-ray examination, some dentists are using newer technologies. These devices claim to be able to detect the onset of decay when the teeth begin to soften before the teeth become cavities.

Like almost all new technologies, these dental supplies and devices are expensive. Are they worth it? What's more, if one of the devices shows you early rot, do you need to fill it immediately?


David D. Albert, Associate Professor of Clinical Dentistry, Columbia University School of Dentistry and Oral Surgery, David A. Albert, said: "Tooth rot is a slowly progressing disease. "From the general population to the end, from the new palsy lesion to the dental pulp The full involvement may take up to five years. As early as the 1920s, the way we practiced was based on the progress that would take several months. “

So early rot does not always mean that you need to fill. In fact, decay can often be reversed. Teeth begin to decay because acid in the mouth can cause minerals to seep out of the enamel and enamel can break down. Fluoride therapy, dietary changes and better oral hygiene habits can change this process by making minerals re-accumulate in the teeth, making tannins stronger.

In some cases, filling is not easy. If you are in pain or in a visible cavity, you need fillers. However, Dr. Albert said, "If there is no cavity, there is no pain and the tooth can repair itself.

“If I see 100 and decide to wait for 6 months to re-treat, this is the right decision for 95 patients, and I think we’ll do more harm because of overtreatment.” Because the treatment always has complications, "he said.

Once the teeth have a filling, the filling will always break, crack or fall off. The space left between the filler and the teeth is a hot spot for further rot. Ultimately, the teeth may require root canal treatment or even tooth extraction.

Dr. Albert believes that the use of new technology should actually lead to a decrease in fillings for most people, because early declines can be reversed through fluoride treatments or new oral hygiene practices. The reality may be different.

"Dentists using these machines may actually do more," he said. “For the general population, this is wrong, although early detection of and early treatment are good for some high-risk groups, but if you are in a low-risk category, the choice of treatment is nothing. do".

So why do most dentists do not observe and wait? They may worry that this person will not come back for another inspection within six months. Or they may worry that they will be seen as indecisive or inexperienced.

In addition, the testing dental equipment is not always correct. "Some things look like fangs, but they are not," Dr. Albert said. "Dark discoloration does not mean a cavity."

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