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Tija Hunter, CDA, EFDA, CDIA, MADAA, AME shared some of the highlights of the recent CEREC 30 in this issue "from our board of directors", including the launch of the new Sirona Treatment Center.

The celebration was opened with some of Sirona’s big leaders and top educators. The company announced that Sirona Dental's new clinical director will become Dr. Mike DiTolla.

Dr. Ditola launched a new transcendental treatment center. When it comes to innovation and style, let Sirona not disappoint! Although there has been some time in Europe, this is new to the US market. The centers are second to none in ergonomic design. Operators and patients will love the comfort and simplicity of the portable dental unit.

Transcendental treatment centers are considered the best choice for clinicians seeking to optimize and improve their practical ability.

Since 1956, Sirona has been producing the history of treatment centers. Sirona has installed more than 150,000 units worldwide since the 1980s, and this figure has continued to grow steadily. According to reports, the ultra-high-grade treatment centers are made of the highest grade materials and are designed to provide optimal extension and integrated design, providing clinicians with superior flexibility while providing the most enjoyable experience for patients.

They are designed to allow practitioners to seamlessly integrate all components of digital dentistry (including CAD/CAM, implants and endodontics) into an easy-to-use device that simplifies workflow while increasing efficiency. Ergonomic design ensures optimal patient comfort while maximizing clinical proficiency. The transcendent treatment center is said to completely exceed the industry standards for highest digital practice growth and performance.

“The C30 showcases the state-of-the-art technology in digital dentistry and is the right forum for introducing our advanced treatment centers to the United States,” said Michael Augins, president of Sirona Dental, Inc. "With decades of experience and originality in producing top-notch technologies, -echelon products and services to the dental world, Sirona's advanced treatment center is a model of innovation. Clinicians will be excited about the infinite potential of digital integration and the most advanced interface functions. These interface functions are limited to our uniquely designed treatment centers. "

Specifically, the C30 exhibited new TENEO and INTEGO, two forwards of the next generation treatment center, aiming to translate any exercise from ordinary to excellence into reality and provide users with a superior experience.

In addition, the extraordinary cabinet units of GENOVA, COMPONERA, ATHEN and ATHEN LIGHT are said to be elegantly combined with TENEO and INTEGO for optimal convenience. Ergonomically designed, doctors and assistants use two-position work surfaces to reduce movement and fatigue. Ultrasound cabinets reportedly increase accessibility to all instruments and consumables, promote clutter-free, and simplify the environment. Accurate, time-saving surgical operation.

TENEO is specifically designed for the integration of implants and CAD/CAM technology. It can run sterile water for implants. CEREC rods are located right on the device. It also connects the suction tube and the handset line to the built-in cleaning adapter and flushes the tubing. The unit is designed for superior hygiene and has developed easy-to-clean features - dental assistant's dream! Another big feature is a three-way syringe with extra heated water and lights.

More about Transcendental Treatment Center

Sirona Dental, Inc. recently introduced its leading advanced treatment center. Allegedly, these centers are typical representatives of clinicians seeking to optimize and enhance their practical capabilities through top-level equipment. The intelligent design reflects the elegant appearance and unparalleled functionality. The advanced treatment center is designed to stand on the display of any surgical dental equipments.

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