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5 reasons to consider an air-driven handpiece

Dentists have been using air dental handpieces for decades and their work efficiency is still high.

The technology dreamed a decade ago is now a viable option for many dental clinics. The challenge for many people is to be able to find return on investment or return on investment. In almost all cases, these new technologies come with higher price tags, and dentists must assess whether a new technology can provide a return on investment.

Some dentists challenge the return on investment of electric handpieces. Although these new systems will certainly bring some benefits, dentists have been using air dental handpieces for decades and their functions are still very effective. I believe that dentists should still consider using pneumatic handpieces for five reasons:

1. Calling an air handpiece may be an understatement. When I was in a full-time internship, I never remembered that I needed to replace my dental handpiece during my 10 years of use. Like energetic rabbits, they keep moving. This technology has existed for a long time, and during that time, manufacturers have been able to increase the reliability and durability of these devices while still maintaining a low cost.

2. Despite improvements in the weight of electric handpieces over the past decade, dental handpieces are still much lighter than electric handpieces. Although a few ounces here or there may seem trivial, any dentist knows that a few ounces can play a huge role every few hours each day. Many electric dental handpiece users report fatigue and embarrassment after prolonged use, which is not a problem for regular users of air dental handpieces.

3. Air mobiles do require much less maintenance to keep them running smoothly. Although air turbines can and do fail, they have fewer parts, which means fewer points of failure.

Another common problem I hear from electric dental handpiece users is overheating. Many dentists may recall that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration sent letters to manufacturers several years ago to express their concern for burn patients. With proper use and effort, these problems can of course be minimized, but for dental handpieces, this has almost no problem. From the perspective of patient safety, they seem to be more cautious choices.

5. Finally, if you do not discuss the issue of cost, you cannot discuss dental handpieces. Yes, the cost of electric handpieces has declined over the past decade, but they are still a more expensive option. As mentioned earlier in the article, the extra costs may prove difficult to justify many practices.

While dentists can and should evaluate all the new technologies offered to us, many dentists may find that for many offices, older and established technologies such as air handling are still a very viable option.

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