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Return and Refund

Return & Refund

What is Athenadental ’s return policy?


1. Athenadental offers 12 months warranty policy.

2. All items within Product Warranty can be returned for either a refund or for a replacement of the same item or another similar product following our Return Policy.

3. Please apply a return or refund within 14 days receiving the package. If the package comes with quality issues, we will be responsible for the returned shipping fee. 

4. Please note the returned items should be with original package. Please contact our customer service for returned shipping address. For all returned package, buyer need to fill the Return

Package Form firstly.  Just contact your representative customer service for this document.

5. Please offer us your tracking number of the returned package. Athenadental.com.au won't be responsible for any missing return shipment. 

6. Athenadental will arrange resend or refund upon receiving your returned package and confirming the issues within 1-3 business days. Please no worries. 




Please strictly follow our instructions for the refund or returned issues. We do not bear any responsibility for your costs if you find someone else to repair your machine without contacting us. 


Details you should know about Return and Refund: 

1. Athenadental offers full refund for any packages damaged during the shipping process. If you get the package damaged, please contact customer service immediately, and you can ask for a compensate from the shipping company within 24Hours.
2. For all returned packages, full refund will be credited within 1-3 business days after we receive your returned package and the package in it's original packing.

3. If the product has quality problems, please contact us immediately and we will be responsible for the returned shipping fee. 
3. For all returned packages with no quality problems, Athenadental will deduct the original shipping frieght from full refund.
4. For all packages outside of 30 days return policy, only partial refund will be credited.



Can I get full refund for cancellation orders?

1. Athenadental accept order cancellation under condition that the package do not shipped out yet.
2. Athenadental will refund you within 48hours after order cancellation.
3. If the product is OK, but you just do not like the type or the color, and want to cancel the order, for this case, here you should pay the shipping freight and customer service fees.



About the Shipping Fee of Retruned Package

If the product comes with quality issues and you apply for a return with our customer service, we will be responsible for the returned shipping fee.

If the product has no quality problems and you just do not want it any more, we are sorry that you have to be responsible for the return shipping cost.