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How Does The Smoking Affect Our Dental Health?

Smoking cigarettes can negatively affect every part of the human body. Oral health is especially vulnerable to the effects of tobacco use. The teeth of a smoker are usually instantly recognizable, because of the visible detrimental effects of cigarette smoking. But apart from staining of the teeth, what other dangers to oral health does smoking introduce? This article will take a look at how the mouth is impacted by cigarette smoking.

Firstly, gum disease. Tobacco smoking is among the major risk factors for developing gum disease. Furthermore, any gum disease present is often more aggressive in people who smoke. Tobacco smoking affects blood flow within the gums and so your body's ability to deal with oral plaque bacteria is diminished. Periodontal disease is a more severe type of gum disease. This indicates irreparable deterioration of the gum and bone tissue covering your teeth. Those that smoke tend to be more at risk of this kind of damage. The periodontal destruction may also develop faster in cigarette smokers and the outcome of gum treatment is usually less good compared with non-smokers. The gum degradation in turn causes tooth mobility and so loss of one's teeth.
Oral cancer. Smoking cigarettes presents a range of hazardous chemical substances into the mouth. These kind of chemical compounds could, eventually, contribute to cancerous change to the oral tissues. Medical studies show that people who smoke will be six times more at risk of developing mouth cancer compared to those that never smoked. Alcohol abuse in conjunction with tobacco smoking will increase the likelihood of oral cancers even further.
Bad breath. Cigarette smoking causes bad breath or halitosis. In people who smoke, halitosis is principally brought on as a result of the retention and breathing out of the fumes.
Smoking is just closely connected to the disease of mouth cancer and only this problem alone can be sufficient to illuminate the harmful and critical affects on smoking on your teeth's and their health. It also causes your gums to become inflamed and puffy. It greatly reduces the flow of blood to the gums and consequently they become extremely weak which ultimately results in weaker teeth and bleeding gums. Once you happen to puff a cigarette, it is going to make your mouth extremely dry along with significantly reducing the amount of saliva in your mouth. If you are not aware of the saliva's role then you should need to know that it plays an extremely vital and significant role in cleaning any sort of oral cavity along with keeping your mouth healthy, and stronger teeth and gums.
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On the other hand, you should also know this that after you have been smoking; it is useful in staining your teeth and eventually causing them to become yellowish in color. This happens as a result of the cigarette's tar gets deposited on the teeth while you are smoking and this makes them looked stained and yellow in color. This does not only looks horrible but it also corrodes the natural protective covers of your teeth and makes them go weak along with making your gums bulging.
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