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The Teeth Whitening Procedures For The Sunny Smile

 Teeth whitening, also known as tooth bleaching, is a form of cosmetic dentistry. The procedure involves lightening the color of the teeth. This is done by bleaching or cleaning the tooth enamel.

There are many reasons that our enamel changes color. A natural process that effects tooth staining is aging. Our teeth darken as we age because of wear and tear, the accumulation of stains and changes in the structure of a tooth. Our first set of teeth is usually whiter than our adult set. Genetics can play a roll in whether our teeth are translucent or not. When enamel is thin and translucent, it appears darker and may not yield the desired results after whitening.
Staining of the enamel is not just a result of nature and genetics. Eating and smoking or drug habits can contribute to discoloration. Excessive consumption of red wine, coffee, soda, tea, oranges, carrots and other colored beverages or foods can cause staining. Foods that contain a lot of acid can lead to enamel erosion. Nicotine will leave brown deposits on the enamel. Those deposits soak into the tooth and cause discoloration.we cab use some dental lab equipment to remove those stain.
There are two primary types of tooth stains: extrinsic and intrinsic. Extrinsic stains are on the surface. They are usually cause by dark-colored food and tobacco, beverages and the general wearing down of structure. When an extrinsic stain is superficial it is considered minor and can be removed through basic dental cleaning. There are some extrinsic stains that require more bleaching. When extrinsic stains are not handled, they can become ingrained. Intrinsic stains collect on the inside of a tooth. They are usually a result of aging, trauma or the exposure or ingestion of minerals or chemicals.
Although there are many affordable products, teeth whitening procedures with ultrasonic scaler performed by dentists are still recommended. Having a dentist perform the procedure will ensure both the safety of the patient and the effectiveness of the product. These procedures however would of course cost more than ready to use systems. There are two main dentist assisted teeth whitening procedures. 
Dentists also perform the tray procedure. There is a difference between a dentist performed procedure and a ready to use package. Dentists normally assess a person's dental condition first before making a custom made tray for the patient. A customized tray will ensure the accuracy of fitness which is something you may not always get from an over the counter product. Like its cheaper counterpart, a dentist made tray is used with a peroxide based whitening agent.Any other dental supplies information can be get from the dental office.
Of all the teeth whitening procedures the laser procedure is perhaps the most effective, longest lasting and most expensive. In this procedure, the dentist will apply a bleaching substance on your teeth and will use a controlled laser light to assist or enhance the bleaching effect. The tissues of your mouth and gums are protected by a special device or substance.