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The Bleeding Gums Can Be Prevented Easily

So how do we stop bleeding gums? Before answering that, we need to know what it really is. Bleeding gums are gums that bleed. You might think that that is a stupid answer but I guess our question was wrong. I think the better question is why would our gums bleed and is this a symptom of something seriously bad with our oral health?

Bluntly, bleeding gums is a sign that we are at risk or might already have gum disease. However this could also be due to one of the following. We could be brushing too hard due to our overzelousness in wanting our mouth to be clean. If you are pregnant, hormonal changes during pregnancy could be the cause. There is also such a thing as improper flossing much like overbrushing above. Or we might have an infection of some kind which can be either tooth- or gum-related.  Other factors could be having leukemia and scurvy.We can buy dental equipment such as air polisher and micro motor from www.athenadental.com.au.
In this article, we are only going to look into the gum disease angle of bleeding gums and how we are going to stop it.
Well, there are many ways to stop bleeding gums. We could do it without burning money or we could burn money(if you have lots of it) by buying proven products that could certainly stop our bleeding gum problem. Let us take a look at the first one. The natural and free way.
The natural way is simple. First, take a cup of water. Then, add a few spoons of salt and then stir it with the spoon. Gargle the mixture in your mouth. Do so for around a minute in your mouth before spitting out. Do this every day after you brush your teeth.
The bone holds the root of the tooth in the gums. As the disease develops, other parts that support the structures of the teeth such as gums and the bone are being eaten. During this stage of gum disease, the inner layer of the gums and bone pulls away from the teeth and form pockets where anaerobic bacteria develop and thrive. The worst thing that could happen if gum disease is ignored is not permanent tooth loss but it will develop a higher risk for stroke and heart attack.
Heart problems and stroke are not the only sickness that has been associated with gum disease but also other medical conditions. Respiratory infections, heart disease, severe osteopenia, uncontrolled diabetes and preterm or low birthweight babies are the diseases that gum disease have been linked in the last decade. According to their research, they found that the bacteria that dwell in the mouth and in the heart are one and the same. Live bacteria and negative bacterial substances from the mouth have the ability to break through blood vessels and connective tissues, according to the recent article found in the journal Dimensions of Dental Hygiene, called Periodontal Medicine. Tissues and organs that are very far can be affected by this systemic challenge, as what this article says.
Molecules that can enter the systemic circulation and induce systemic effects are contained in the affected pockets around the teeth which serve as a reservoir, according to the two female authors of the article. Heart health, developing fetus, diabetes and respiratory health of elderly patients are the systemic effects of gum disease that these two pathways may account for, according to them.