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Restorative Dentistry Can Be Useful

They won't call it a killer smile for nothing. It means that such smile can knock out someone out of his or her senses. It makes you look more glamorous, confident, gorgeous--simply beautiful. But you may never get to have such power if you have nasty-looking teeth. That's why you may want to look into the different tooth restoration options.

Dental Filling. You need this if you don't have severe problems in your teeth. For example, your teeth's surface may have been damaged because of something that you've eaten. It could also be that one of your teeth is suffering from tooth decay, but it's not severe yet. To cover up the "holes, " dentists would then fill them up.
Dentures. These are very popular. In fact, a lot of people are sporting them, but you just don't notice. They are perfect for those who already lost their teeth. It could be that they have decayed so much that they had to be removed.
Dental crowns act as protective cover for severely decayed or damaged teeth, with the additional benefit of strengthening the tooth and the jaw. This is one of the the most popular of the types of restorative surgery. You can choose from metal, ceramic and porcelain crowns depending on the recommendations of your dentist.
Dental Bridges
As can be implied, dental bridges literally bridge the gap between the remaining teeth while stabilizing the jaw with attractive crowns surrounding said teeth. You have to take proper care of your dental bridges so as to extend their lives as well as to maintain good oral health. Thus, dental flossing and brushing are still very important activities.
Full-Mouth Reconstruction
And then there are patients whose severe dental problems often require no less than full mouth reconstruction. You will be able to enjoy a new smile with a new leash on good oral after cosmetic and restorative dentistry dental lab equipment.