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Baby Teeth Care Information For The Parents

Baby teeth are designed to last 6-12 years. Also referred to as primary teeth, baby teeth contribute to the overall development and health of every child. Their function is dependent on a disease-free status.

Proper speech development relies on the presence of childrens teeth. The tongue creates certain sounds with the presence of baby (primary) teeth.
Digestion begins in the mouth. A healthy diet is dependent on front and back teeth for tearing as well as crunching. As food is properly masticated in the mouth, the stomach can continue digestion for optimal nutrition.
A healthy mouth leads to healthy self esteem every time a child smiles. When teeth are fractured or badly decayed children resist smiling, talking and participating in class because of peer ridicule.
It's not recommended to start brushing your children's teeth until they are eating mostly table foods, but simply rinsing a baby's teeth with water after meals can wash away many food particles that lead to tooth decay. Once your children's teeth start coming in it is good to introduce a toothbrush or dental handpiece, even if you're not actually brushing their teeth. This will help prepare your children for future brushing practices and it can help remove debris left over from sugary or sticky foods.
First Dental Visit by First Birthday 
Many parents wait until their children are three or older to take them in for a dental checkup. However, the American Dental Association recommends that parents take their child for his first dental visit six months after the first tooth comes in or on his first birthday. 
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