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How To Clean Your Tongue?

Most people dutifully brush their teeth when they wake up and again before they go to bed, but far fewer take the time to brush their tongue. That's a shame since tongues need cleaning too. The surface of your tongue is covered with tiny bumps called papillae. These papillae house the taste buds that allow you to enjoy the sweet taste of an ice cream cone or the salty taste of a potato chip. But they can also harbor bacteria, food particles and dead skin cells. Yuck! That's why it's important to take a little extra time to clean your tongue at home.The intraoral camera will be used in this process.

How to Clean Your Tongue at Home
You don't have to have any special equipment to clean your tongue, although a tongue scraper can make the job easier. A tongue scraper is the best alternative for people who gag easily. To do a thorough tongue cleaning, you have to be able to reach the back of your tongue since there's where lots of the food debris and bacteria are hiding. A tongue scraper makes it easier to do that.
Here are useful tips you can start with to clean your tongue and maintain a healthy one.
Clean your tongue with a toothbrush or a tongue cleaner to remove food debris and eliminate bacteria on the tongue's surface. The small protrusions in the tongue can trap very tiny food particles after eating and in fact may lead the surface of the tongue to appear whitish. You can run a tongue cleaner to eliminate this white area and follow it up with a good mouthwash.
Maintain good amount of vitamins and minerals. The health of your tongue is dependent on the nourishment and care you give it to from inside out. To have a healthy tongue and to make you free from problems like geographic tongue, thrush and the burning syndrome, you have to keep your body healthy with vitamins and minerals from a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables. With proper nutrition, you can indeed, be able to prevent tongue problems especially those that are not quite defined when it comes to its causes.
Keep a good oral hygiene. Of course, if you want to have a clean and healthy tongue, you have to make sure you do have a good oral hygiene. Toothbrush and floss regularly including tongue cleaning and scraping.
Start with these tips and suggestions to keep your tongue and your mouth in clean and healthy condition and enjoy being clean and free from bad breath as well. Keep in mind always that maintaining a clean and healthy tongue is not just about learning how to clean your tongue itself but starting from inside the body. The tongue is often an indicator of health problems from deep within your body and thus, having a healthy body often shows with a healthy tongue.
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