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The Past Story About The Teeth Whitening

Something about a bright white smile makes one feel young and confident. This is no new development. Since ancient times, a white smile has been a symbol of beauty and affluence. But how did people go about it before modern dentistry offered whitening gels and bleaching trays?

From Pharaohs to Barbers: Ancient Teeth Whitening
Like many dental techniques; attempts at teeth whitening began in ancient Egypt around 3000 B.C. White teeth in those days were rare - a sign of vitality and wealth. So, of course, the Pharaohs and their followers were anxious to find a way to cosmetically whiten teeth. Their solution would be the very first toothpaste, a concoction of pumice stone, wine vinegar, and ground oxen hooves that was applied using a primitive form of toothbrush called a chew stick.
Another ancient society that was known for its dental developments was that of ancient Rome. During the first century, Romans used wooden chew sticks to brush their teeth with human urine. While it may sound revolting, the idea was not completely ridiculous. The urine contained ammonia, which did in fact clean and whiten teeth.
Hundreds of years later, in 17th-century Europe, it was common practice for the local barber to provide dental services to his customers. The whitening formula of choice was a two-step process that required the barber to file the patient's teeth before applying a corrosive acid. Needless to say, this treatment was none too healthy for the tooth enamel, but it did leave the teeth sparkling white. Patients were probably not so happy with their whitened teeth a few years later, when their teeth were lost due to advanced decay!
Today, there are a variety of methods or products like dental air compressor  for whitening your teeth without damaging the enamel. People now achieve bright smiles even though they smoke cigarettes and imbibe teeth staining drinks like coffee and red wine as daily beverages.
This is possible because you can walk into a pharmacy or by the click of a mouse purchase a tooth whitening kit online for whitening your teeth at home by yourself. Well trained dental doctors called dentist are accessible both online and offline to help take care of your teeth and also whiten them whenever you want.
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