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Dental Bridges For A Natural Smile

A beautiful smile or even a laugh after tooth loss could be unimaginable for many people. However, today a dentist in Monarch Beach can make this a true possibility and reality for you with dental bridges.

One of the options available to replace missing teeth is dental bridges which are also a form of tooth restorations. They are the perfect substitute for dental implants and dentures. Many dentists recommend dental bridges as they are much more robust compared to the dentures and the procedure is not as invasive as the one used to place implants.
Dental bridges are known as a replacement restoration. They are often fabricated to blend in with the surrounding teeth of the patient while having the appearance of a natural tooth. During the first visit, the dentist will use a local anesthetic to the affected area. This will remove any sensation from the gums and teeth and help achieve a more comfortable experience during the treatment. The teeth that exist on both sides of the space caused by the missing tooth are sculpted down. After the teeth have been prepared, an impression of the bite is taken by the dentist in Monarch beach. This is then sent to the dental laboratory where technicians make a custom-fitted bridge and crown restorations. Subsequently, the temporary bridge and crowns are placed to protect the gums and teeth from any future damage.
Dental bridges make the patients feel like they have the real thing. Patients always think that dental bridges look and feel more natural than removable dentures. Before long, they become undetectable and patients forget they have dental bridges in their mouths, as they are especially similar to the natural teeth. Generally speaking, when the crowns or bridges are added to patients' mouths, they find that they have not undergone the dental bridges after just 24 to 48 hours.
Thirdly, dental bridges are aesthetically pleasing. They not only provide patients with a more natural, less noticeable look, but allow for food to be chewed more easily because of their permanence, and because patients can generate more force when they chew without having to be weary of damaging the denture. But with a removable denture, the prosthetic continuously moves as it is not anchored in place, which may cause it to slip out when patients eat meals. Although dental bridges tend to be more expensive than removable dentures, the advantage of increased function and aesthetics makes their value immeasurable.
Last but not least, dental bridges can last a long time. The life expectancy of typical crowns and bridges is about five to seven years. But dental bridges can last from 8 to 15 years and can last even longer, maybe over 20 to 30 years, if you maintain the additions to your mouth properly and maintain good oral hygiene by brushing and flossing regularly. For example, I just saw a patient recently who had crowns in her mouth 22 years ago when I was a dental student. They looked as good on the current x-ray or air polisher  as the day when I placed them in her mouth. I remember the procedures I did for her clearly, as she was my very first patient in dental school. And she has also been the patient of mine through dental school, my residency, and now in my private dental office. I am pleased to know that she didn't need any work to her teeth at all when she came for her most recent routine check-up. All of her bridges have lasted as good as before.
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