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Something About The Dental Implants Surgery

Compared to traditional dentures, implants offer a more aesthetically beautiful option for replacing missing teeth. No wonder, both dental surgeons and their patients prefer this technique and its popularity is increasing by the day. It can act as an alternative to both partial and full dentures for restoring the appearance and functioning of the oral cavity. Definition

Dental implant in short is a tooth root replacement. It provides the foundation for removable or fixed teeth that appear exactly like your original ones.
Use of dental implants is case specific and here below are some reasons why you need to go for such procedure.Improved appearance Ease of chewing Improved speech Better oral health Improved self-esteem Convenience of use There can be many reasons why opting for dental implants makes sense. They feel and look like natural teeth. With time, they even fuse with the jawbone to become permanent. Presence of missing teeth and ill-fitting dentures lead to slurring speech. Implants can remove such problem. These behave like natural teeth and as such, you do not have any discomfort because of their presence. Unlike dentures, implants do not require removal and this does away with such hassle permanently. With good care and hight quality dental equipment , implants will last up to the lifetime of a person and as such, they begin the best value for the money spent.
Although dental implantology offers a number of functional and aesthetic benefits, but there are some risks that can occur during both the intricate procedure and recovery period. Some of the risks are:
Excessive Bleeding
A person could experience excessive bleeding during the teeth implantation if a dentist doesn't work with a proper procedure. The improper drilling in the gums may damage blood vessels. This risk can be avoided if you choose a skilled and experienced dental surgeon for your dental implant surgery.
Nerve Damage
While this is uncommon, placement of implants can lead to damage of nerves that that runs through the lower jaw. If these nerves get damaged during the surgery, you may feel temporary or even permanent pain, tingling or numbness in your tongue, lower lip, chin and lower teeth. To avoid this risk, make sure that you choose a qualified maxillofacial surgeon to place the implants.
Sinus Problems
When dental implants are placed in the back, upper jaw, there is a possibility that they protrude into one of the sinuses or nasal cavity. The sinus cavity or nearby muscles could be punctured during upper tooth drilling process. To avoid this risk, special X-rays are taken prior to the implant treatment to help the surgeon know where the nerves, nasal cavity and sinuses are located.
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