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1. How do I return a product?

For thorough information on how to return a product, please take a look at our Returns policy section, and suggest you contact customer service firstly.

2. I have not received the correct item
.Always check if you have received the correct item, whether the parts are complete and if the item is undamaged. If this is not the case, please contact our customer service team.

3. The product I have received does not comply with the description.
When the product you have received does not comply with the description given on our website, please contact our service@athenadental.com.au. We will try and find a solution together.

4. The product is not complete, (some) parts are missing.
If the product you have received is incomplete, please contact our service@athenadental.com.au.. We will send you the missing parts or offer you a discount.

5. I did not receive a manual with the product.
When you have not received a manual with the item(s) you have ordered, please contact our service@athenadental.com.au..

6. The product is damaged/does not work.
When the product you have ordered is damaged or does not work, please contact our service@athenadental.com.au If it concerns visible damage and/or defects, we will ask you to attach a picture to the E-mail.

7. When will I receive the promised refund?
Refunds are processed daily on working days. Please note that they first go through administration before being transferred, this could take up to a maximum of 30 days.