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The Electric Toothbrush And The Beautiful Smile

If not looking at the eyes, people look at others' teeth while talking. Having visibly white teeth is an indication that one highly takes care of oneself. Yellowish and cavity-loaded teeth are big no-no's especially during an interview. Bad breath odor is also a big turn-off especially if one is talking to a cute girl or guy in a bar.

Regular manual brushing removes only the food and plaque with some especial dental equipment  from the very surface of the teeth and gums. On the other hand, an electric toothbrush penetrates more than the top teeth and gum layer, resulting to maximum plaque removal and an all over clean mouth.
One of the obvious advantages of an electric toothbrush is that it moves faster for deeper teeth cleaning. It also penetrates under the gumline which is very helpful in reducing gingivitis. People using ordinary toothbrushes tend to brush harder than those that use an electric toothbrush. Some consider this as a good thing, however if the teeth are brushed too hard, the tissue that covers the gums can be damaged. In addition, brushing too hard strips the protective layer or enamel which makes the teeth more sensitive to heat, cold, and other stimuli. An electric toothbrush requires less pressure, leaving the gum tissue with minimal damage from brushing.
Using an electric toothbrush is also ideal for those suffering from arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and other motor-related or debilitating conditions. The rotating head of a rechargeable electric toothbrush does all the work and the one does not have to constantly move the hands, wrists or arms back and forth to brush.
An electric toothbrush moves the bristles of the brush much more rapidly than would be humanly possible with a standard brush which will result in deeper cleaning overall. The furthest reaches of the molars and the back surfaces of the teeth are the hardest areas of the mouth to reach making these areas more prone to plaque and tarter buildup because they don't get the cleaning they need. Generally the head on an electric toothbrush will be smaller than that on a standard brush making it easier to get into these hard to reach areas and keeping the teeth there cleaner and healthier.
Choose your electric toothbrush to fit your needs as there are many styles available on the market today in many different price ranges. There are the disposable throwaway kind that you can get in the supermarket that contain a non-replaceable battery and generally last as long as the bristles do before needing to be replaced. There are the more lasting brushes that have replaceable batteries and heads so that you can keep the same brush element and replace the bristles as they become worn out. There are much more expensive sets on the market that will give hygienist like results in your own home and some dentists recommend these for people with extensive dental issues. Whatever choice you make, an electric toothbrush will help you achieve your best smile yet.
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