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The Importance Of Toothbrush

To have your teeth white throughout the years means taking care of them from day one. Choosing to take care of your teeth when you 65 years old means a lot of work if even with not sure that would be possible. One key to keeping those whites white is not only using the right toothpaste but using the right electric  toothbrush.

In the market today you lots of flashy brushes, colors, funky styles etc... The main thing is not to get all sucked in to the styles and colors the main thing you want to focus on is function. When speaking to dentists you'll notice today that the trend is leaning towards electronic brushes. The fact of the matter is in term of brushing they do a much better job. Electronic brushes range in price from 25 bucks all the way up to 200.
Whatever you choose first and foremost the key is the bristles. Weather is electronic or manual you need to choose one with soft bristles. Harsh bristles will cause gum recession and will actually damage enamel. Soft bristle brushes typically get into the crevices between the teeth much better that hard ones. To best clean all the teeth in your mouth you also want to make sure you choose a brush with a sized head that will allow you get all the way in the back of your mouth to get the ones in the way back. Obviously you also want to make sure you choose a brush with a decent handle, not too small so it slips around in your hand but not too big so that you can't maneuver the brush.
Gum disease is caused by bacteria which are left on your teeth after brushing. These bacteria quickly multiply and grow, forming hard deposits around the tops of the teeth, near the junction with the gum tissue. The body responds to these bacteria's presence and the gums become sore and inflamed. Some people may experience discomfort or bleeding when brushing their teeth. It is therefore essential to ensure that as much of the bacteria as possible are removed when brushing.
Frequency and technique
Most people are aware that they should be brushing their teeth at least twice per day, morning and evening. Many people also like to brush their teeth after eating to keep their mouths feeling fresh and clean. Many people however are unaware that they should be brushing for at least 2 minutes each time. Having a kitchen or egg timer, or even a stopwatch in the bathroom will help you judge how long to brush. Proper brushing technique can also be demonstrated by a dentist. Del Mar dental practices can also check your toothbrush to ensure it is in good condition. Many people just brush the front of the teeth and the parts they can see, forgetting to brush the back of the teeth and far enough back into the mouth. Dentists recommend working in a methodical manner around the mouth so that no teeth are missed during the brushing process. Mouthwash or teeth whitening machine should also be used after brushing to help remove any bacteria which may be left behind.
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