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Affordable Dental Plan So Important

I am very troubled by the statistics that 47 million Americans do not have health insurance. But the fact that over twice that many Americans lack dental coverage goes unreported most of the time. And yet we know that quality dental care improves our health, and our quality of life. And sometimes, dental care is an emergency that cannot be put off!

Individuals and families can choose dental insurance. For a monthly premium, they will have some coverage, but will also usually have copays, deductibles, yearly maximums, and of course, waiting periods. A major procedure, like a crown or dental surgery, can take 12 months to get covered. Many smaller procedures, may still have 3 month waiting periods. Routine care, like checkups and cleanings with some especial dental lab equipment , are usually covered right away. But even when the services are covered, an individual dental insurance plan seldom covers them at 100%. If a person needs major work, like a couple of crown, they will usually find themselves spending a few hundred dollars out of their own pocket.
I know that when my own son needed emergency work done because he had a couple of teeth broken in an accident, I needed to hand over almost $1,000 that morning to the dentist. He was standing in the dental office, with his broken, bloody teeth, but they were pretty adamant that if I did not have the money, they would simply pull the teeth and leave him with a gap. In order to have his two front teeth set with crowns, so he would have a pleasing smile, the money needed to be handed over.
How to Find Affordable Dental Care
While a person can often get dental care added onto the medical policy, they may find other options more affordable. If they are willing to shop around, they may see a disparity between what one company offers in price versus another one. They can search on the internet to look for affordable dental care and learn which insurance companies offer a dental policy. Good alternatives provided by DentalPlans.com and Aetna are good starting points.
Another option is to change the deductible or other benefits to get a lower premium. Instead of having the insurance company pay 100 percent of the regular dental visits, a person may get a lower premium if they are willing to pay a co-pay. If they look for affordable dental care online, a person can often play around with the options until they find something you like.
Another place they can go to find more affordable dental care is a dental school. The school will probably have a clinic where a patient can get routine work done at a less expensive price. This helps the school qualify for grants while providing them with quality care.
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