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Keep Your Teeth Clean

If you want to keep up a good health, you should take care of your teeth because you will be able to eat better only with good teeth. You will have a high level of confidence also because your smile will be attractive. It is not that only adults should take care of their teeth. Even children should be taught the importance of tooth care.

The level of bacteria increases on the outer layer of our teeth as we eat our food. You may know that our teeth are covered by enamel. By cleaning our teeth, we prevent holes from forming on the enamel. Otherwise, due to the effect of these bacteria, cavities will form and you will be forced to take the help of a dentist.
The best way of preventing cavity formation is to use a good fluoride toothpaste and  teeth whitening machine for brushing your teeth. Additionally, flossing of the teeth should also be done. If you allow cavities to form and do not treat them properly, your teeth will be damaged. Because of this, eating will be impaired and hence your health will be spoiled.
In addition to keeping your teeth from falling out, or getting loose, a deep cleaning will help permanent crowns and bridges adhere to your teeth and last longer. It might help take care of that bad breath, too.
A deep cleaning will take approximately three hours where as a regular cleaning without x-rays will only take about 50 minutes. You are numbed with anesthetic and the hygienist cleans off the roots of the tooth.
I know what you are thinking. You brush your teeth every day, you've never had a cavity, you floss every now and then and maybe you even believe that you don't get plaque on your teeth. Good for you! But that doesn't mean you can skip your regular teeth cleanings every six months. Hygienists have special tools that get heavy plaque off of your teeth. They also have the ability to see and reach things that you cannot.
The biggest mistake a patient can make is to not maintain a good hygiene program with the hygienist following the deep cleaning. After the cleaning your hygienist will want to see you three months later to clean the teeth again. More often than not it isn't covered by insurance which is why many patients do not keep up on it. But, coming back every three months for a year will restore your gums to their better condition, will close the deep pockets created by the bacteria, and will help reduce the amount of bacteria that can get in there again.
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