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Electric Tooth Should Be Replaced Regularly

Oral health is very important for people. Therefore, we must take good care of our teeth and perform constant brushing. When we are young, teeth are replaced with new ones. When we become adults, if our teeth fall we should replace them with new ones, that cost us money. It is, therefore, necessary to prevent collapse and damage to the teeth by going regularly to a dentist. It is also very important to use a toothbrush, and when it wears of, to be replaced with another one. Generally, dentists recommend not using a toothbrush for more than three months. After three months, toothbrushes are replaced with new ones, because the old ones wears out and you cannot perform an effective brush anymore.

Sometimes we can use floss for cleaning teeth effectively. In recent years electric toothbrush has been introduced on the market. This way of brushing is preferred rather than classical. Using an electric toothbrush can make brushing efficient and you get some teeth white and shiny. This device has the advantage that you can clean even the less accessible areas. Electric toothbrush is provided with some reservation head which must be replaced with new ones. When a book head is spent you hear a noise that lets you know that electric toothbrush head must be replaced. Also, brush stops automatically after two minutes if you exceed this time brushing. We know that a brush level is over by the sound heard after two minutes of brushing. Even doctors recommend not exceeding the two minutes of brushing as gums may bleed.
Today, electric toothbrush options are plentiful and you might find difficulties in getting the right one for you. If this is your first experience in buying this toothbrush, I have listed the criteria that you have to consider:
Brush head. Just like the manual toothbrush, this toothbrush also offers different brush head sizes. If you share the use of the electric toothbrush with your family, just buy brush heads that fit everyone's need. Commonly, kids need small brush head and adults surely need a bigger one.
When checking electric toothbrushes that are available on the store, it is recommended that you check the entire cost of it. You may find that the toothbrush itself is affordable but if the other parts are costly, it is better to consider getting another toothbrush.
Check the charger of the toothbrush. If you love traveling, it is recommended to choose a toothbrush with small charger that you can carry easily. Choosing a toothbrush with indicator light is also nice so that you know the right time to charge your toothbrush.
If you don't have much time to go to the drugstores and buy this type of toothbrush, you can try to get it online. Nowadays, it is easy to find online stores that offer this advanced toothbrush with competitive price. They usually come with various options and your task is only choosing one that meets your need. When checking those toothbrushes, make sure that you use the tips above to make your shopping time more enjoyable.
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