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Teeth Brushing For Your Teeth

Before you formulate any snarky comment about how this post propagates bad dental habits, care to read this disclaimer first. This post is not promoting the said substitutes. These are merely suggestions when you find yourself in a compromising situation where you can't find a decent pair of electric  toothbrush and toothpaste. Some of these scenarios are 1. You wake up from a night of mindless partying in a house you do not recognize with a breath as foul as week-old garbage. 2. You need to go on a quick run outside your house, and you just woke up. 3. You are still not in the mood to brush your teeth but you have to welcome guests who came to visit. I would go on with a few more examples, but I guess you already get the idea. Just don't be a sloth and try very hard not to make them a habit-that is, if you want don't want to get into trouble the next time you visit your dental clinic.

This-I believe-is the most effective substitute. Even without brushing, rinsing your mouth with mouthwash already feels like cleaning it with a toothbrush and toothpaste. It is also very convenient. All you have to do is gargle, and you are good to go. This may sound really lazy, but just wait until you reach the other substitutes listed in this post.
Researchers tested the blood samples from 4830 respondents. It was found that people with dirty oral cavity had more inflammation, which may result in heart disease. Previous studies have shown that 700 kinds of bacteria often appeared in dirty mouth and gums bleeding. Once the bacteria entered the blood circulation, it may activate the body's immune system, leading to inflammation and contraction at arterial wall. What's worse, it increased fat at artery, which narrowed blood vessels down and brought out cardiovascular disease." The latest research confirmed previous findings," Watts said, "there was relation between oral health and cardiovascular disease." Factors like smoking, obesity, genetic may lead to heart disease. The researchers ruled out these factors in this survey and found that cardiovascular disease associated with oral dirty.
A research report was published in the latest magazine called British Medical Journal. Warmsley, a consultant from British Dental Association, said there were many research proved that dirty mouth lead lots of diseases such as heart disease, diabetes and even Alzheimer. "We need further studies to determine the current view is just an accidental discovery or incontrovertible conclusions," Walmsley said. "but, it was certain that brushing the teeth with toothpaste contained fluoride twice a day for long-time, go to dental clinic regularly and eat less sweet foods, you can keep your mouth clean and enjoy happy life."
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