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The Oral Health So Important For Our Overall Health

February is National Heart Disease Awareness Month, in recognition of the fact that heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States. This month is dedicated to raising awareness about heart disease and increasing knowledge about prevention. But did you know that better dental health can help improve your heart health?

"Research shows a close connection between gum disease and some systemic health issues, like heart disease. Including strokes, heart or cardiovascular disease is the nation's number-one killer according to the American Heart Association. There's more reason than ever to maintain good oral health. It helps you maintain good health overall," said Dr. Christine Haag, dentist at First Choice Dental.
A trip to your family dental center can help you understand much more than the health of your teeth and gums. The first sign of illness or disease often surfaces in your mouth. Recent research reveals that oral health and general health should not be viewed as separate entities.
Healthy gums and teeth are vital for a healthy body. Since periodontal disease is a bacterial infection, it can enter the blood stream and travel to major organs where it will begin new infections in the body. The heart is one of the most susceptible organs for this type of bacterial infection.
Risks for heart disease include smoking, obesity, high cholesterol and high blood pressure. Now more and more studies suggest that periodontal disease may increase your risk for heart disease. Recent studies indicate that people with periodontal disease are almost twice as likely to have a fatal heart attack than those who do not.
If you or members of your family have a history of heart problems, it is especially important for you to have good periodontal health. This means brushing after every meal, flossing at least once a day if not more, and seeing your dentist at least twice every year.The dentist will provide the perfect dental service for you.And you can also buy dental equipment to do dialy dental care practices.
A healthy balanced diet, regular exercise and abstinence from smoking are all key factors to maintain or improve your heart's health. Try to avoid refined sugar as it is a haven for growing bacteria. If you do eat something sweet, be sure to brush your teeth directly afterwards to remove the sugar before the bacteria has a chance to move in.
More and more, researchers see a link between oral health and overall health. The mouth can show signs of nutritional deficiencies, general infections and stress. In addition, other more serious health issues are related to oral health, like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis and osteoporosis. More recently, scientists are seeing a link between gum disease and major diseases such as heart disease and stroke.
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