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Dental Care Tips For The Pregnant Women

Dental care during pregnancy must not only be observed during the nine months that the baby stays inside the mother's womb. It should start as early as the woman decides to be pregnant and that could mean six months to a year of preparation. Needless to say, some women get pregnant unplanned. with that, it is advised that every women must take care of their gums and teeth all the time in preparation for possibilities of conceiving in the future. Moreover, these healthy dental measures must be carried on even after the baby is born.

With the help of your dentist. It is wise to come up with a dental plan that will include hygienic practices, proper nutrition and acquisition of certain dental treatments with high quality dental equipment. If you are willing and motivated to go such an extra mile, you can expect a beneficial reward in the future. That is having a healthy baby after nine months. As we all know, the mother's overall oral health can affect negatively or positively the baby's health depending on the mother's investments to attain healthier gums and teeth.
As soon as you have decided to get pregnant, inform your dentist right away. Allow your dentist to fully examine your gums and teeth with dental micro motor. Do all the procedures that you will be advised to take. Most likely, your pearly whites would require professional cleaning. Next, tests may be done on the gum tissues to evaluate their real condition and lessen if not totally eliminate the bacteria resting on them. Should any of your pearly whites suffer from deep cavities at the moment, they will be filled right away to avoid spread of bacteria.
Regular Dental Check-ups and Other Dental Work
It is important that pregnant women follow a regular dental check-up schedule throughout pregnancy. Make sure to inform the dentist and anyone else at your dental clinic who will be working on your teeth about your pregnancy. According to the American Pregnancy Association, the second trimester is the ideal time to visit the dentist. Fetal organ development occurs during the first trimester, so it is best to avoid all potential risks during this time unless necessary. In the third trimester, lying in a dentist's chair will likely be uncomfortable.
if you are planning or have recently become pregnant, it is advised to consult your dentist and schedule a routine appointment so that you can achieve good oral health which will be easier to maintain during pregnancy. Professional cleaning is done to address the issue of gingivitis in pregnant women. Your dentist will provide you a comprehensive list of do's and don'ts.
Dental treatments - ideally, your dentist will not carry out any major dental treatment during the pregnancy period. However, in case of situations where dental treatment is essential, the procedures are usually carried out during the second trimester.
Diet - eating a well-balanced diet will also help in avoiding certain oral health problems during pregnancy. You should include foods rich in calcium and protein to ensure that good development of your baby's teeth. Increase your intake of eggs, milk, cheese, yogurt, fatty fish and margarine in your diet. If you have cravings, substitute them with healthy snacks. After taking mid meal snacks, rinse your mouth thoroughly with plain tap water.
Women who do not exercise proper dental care when pregnant are prone to pregnancy gingivitis. This will cause their gums to recede and to redden and their teeth may become loose. If left untreated, pregnancy gingivitis usually leads to periodontal disease which can actually result in tooth loss. Also, the bacteria released from these diseases could cause a woman to go into pre-term labor, thus causing harm to their baby. Pregnancy tumors may also develop in the mouth, and the mom-to-be may have to undergo an operation to get rid of them.
Pregnant women should visit their dentist at least once during the nine months of pregnancy as part of their dental care routine. They should ensure that the dentist knows that they are pregnant. This is because some procedures such as x-rays and teeth whitening are dangerous during pregnancy.
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